Auxiliary Equipment

Ring Floats.Ring Floats: Ring Floats are used for steel pipes, HDPE - Pipes and rubber hoses. Mostly to be build on customer requirements acc. to required buoyancy and pipe size.

Pipe Floats.Pipe Floats: Will be installed in floating pipelines and are designed in major requested dimensions and buoyancy.

Expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints Expansion joints.are mainly used in pipes to compensate for expansion, movement due to settlement and fitting inaccuracies, in nearly all industries. Typical applications are heating systems, water pipes, pipes in power stations and the chemical industry.

The application area of rubber expansion joints ranges up to temperatures of 200 Grad Celsius and to pressures of over 0.3 bar, depending on the rubber grade. The transitions between the individual types are naturally fluid.

Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturer